Planned Parenthood Case Unfolds

Anti-abortionist group in Texas goes undercover to get Planned Parenthood admit the truth. After months of careful planning and work it seems as though their plan backfires. Anti-abortionists are now facing charges due to their extreme actions. It’s no secret that Texas has defunded and has already taken legal action to make getting abortions difficult for women in Texas. Clinics have been closing left and right. The new laws have changed abortion clinics to look outside the box for funding. Anti-abortion lawmakers are trying to take any action to make it difficult and almost impossible for some to receive and get an abortion. Planned Parenthood secret funding has been revealed by anti-abortionists.


Everyone has their opinions about abortion and whether they are pro life or pro choice. That’s ok but it doesn’t mean you cross the lines and do something illegal to reveal the truth. Often that happens but anti abortionist David Daleiden is now facing fraud charges after going undercover along with another activist Sandra Merritt. Two meeting with Planned Parenthood officials in Texas were held at a Houston facility and the other in a restaurant. Planned Parenthood and lawyers have stated that they have done nothing wrong. However it is a law that selling fetal tissue for profit is against the law. Which clearly is demonstrated in the videos they are asking for a profit from the tissue samples. Planned Parenthood states that the videos were edited and those statements are not entirely true.


At first it seemed as though the activists had a solid winning case. Turned out their plan has backfired on them. Since Merritt and Daleiden sent an email to Planned Parenthood stating that they were interested in purchasing fetal tissue. Meetings were set up and discussions were secretly filmed. Since the activists used false identification they are being charged with tamper of a government document. They used their license and changed it to look like their fraudulent company id’s which they presented to Planned Parenthood. So during the case Planned Parenthood was released of any wrongdoing and now the activists are being charged. Their lawyers are trying to get the D.A. to dismiss the charges since Daleiden. Daleiden stated that he has cooperated as asked and was acting as an investigative journalists. This is a sticky situation but their tactics to continue to abolish the truth about Planned Parenthood will never stop. Their activists groups have even gone to extremes regarding the issue. Even though it is a federal law that a woman has a right to an abortion some Texans are trying to make it extremely difficult without taking away that right.


This is a never ending issue and will always be argued about. It seems strange how so quickly Planned Parenthood was able to come out clean and now the activists are being charged. Soon we will know what happens to the activists whether they are expecting jail time or will be released from these indictments.


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