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Obama Administration Tries To Stop Texas Abortion Law

Recent changes have been made in Texas regarding abortion. This changed has urged the Obama Administration to reach out to the Supreme Court for help. The law will make getting the health care that these clinics provide for women in Texas more difficult. Since regulations make it more difficult for clinics to perform the services needed for before,during, and after the procedures roughly twenty of clinics in Texas have already closed their doors. This intern creates job loss for many employees.


This case is not testing the right to an abortion as was established by Roe vs. Wade.  The regulations that are set in place make it difficult for women to obtain access to those services. The first twenty weeks of a pregnancy is the only time a women can receive an abortion. With limiting access to health care facilities it can create a multitude of issues including abortions at closer to twenty weeks which increases risks from the procedure itself. In a way, the law is almost restricting many women’s right to have an abortion since many of the clinics will only be located in major cities. Which could potentially limit Texas to around ten clinics in the whole state. Since the regulations indicate that the clinics have the same equipment as ambulatory surgical centers most clinics have to initiate reconstruction. Reconstruction of facilities comes at a cost to these facilities.


Thousands of dollars would have to be spent in order for these clinics to be up to regulation. So in turn many clinics have stopped performing abortion services or have completely closed up due to this cost. Since clinics are closing it has created access to these types of clinics limited to Texan women. Having to drive hours from their homes just in ordered to receive care. Many of those women may not have the ability to travel or afford the travel and deal with the increased post procedure risks such as infection.


Many of the Texas clinics sued Texas stating that this law was unconstitutionally burdening women who have the right to an abortion. The clinics are represented by the CRR (Center for Reproductive Rights) which is based in New York. Since the states creates it’s case stating that the regulations are set in place to ensure patient safety. The CRR’s lawyer’s argue that the state’s concern about the women’s health “are nothing more than a pretext for restricting access to abortion.” Therefore with restricted access to these facilities it could potentially lead to more delayed abortions which in turn leads to more complications and increased healthcare costs. The State’s plan seems to aide in making it difficult for women who want an abortion to be able to receive one.


The Obama administration lawyers have argued that the new law will end up costing more money and that the changes these facilities need to make are unnecessary. That complication risks have been low and not all physicians need admitting privileges at these clinics. The hearing will take place on March 2, 2016.

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